Monday, May 5, 2008

Car taken away after making owner senseless

UDALGURI, May 4: A Maruti Alto car (AS-01-X-5350) was taken away by some unidentified miscreants after making the car owner senseless here at Udalguri. According to sources, a man went to the residence of one Jonas Daimary in Ambagaon and asked him whether he would be able to bring a few doctors from Udalguri to Harisinga, where a malaria camp was being organized. When Daimary asked the man as to why he did not employ drivers from Udalguri but came to Ambagaon, the man replied that the Udalguri drivers charge very high prices. As per the agreement, Daimary brought the doctors and when he contacted the man over telephone, he was asked to come to Galaxy Hotel here. When he went to the hotel, he was asked to sit for a while, as a meeting was going on, and was served some food. After consuming the food, Daimary felt drowsy, and later when he regained senses, he found himself at a hospital. His car was also missing. One of the waiters at the hotel, however, said that Daimary was lying in the middle of the road and was admitted at the hospital by the hotel owner. Daimary has filed a complaint at the police station.

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