Friday, November 2, 2007

Udalguri linguist to visit the Netherlands, Germany

UDALGURI, Nov 1: Palash Kumar Nath, a research student of linguistics of Gauhati University, has been invited to attend the DOBES training conducted by the Max Plank Institute for psycho-linguistics of Niz Mizen, the Netherlands. He has already left for Holland. During this training programme, he will also participate in a linguistics workshop organized by Prof (Dr) Barend Jan Terwiel at the Academy of Science in Goettinger, Germany. The expenses will be borne by the German Volkswager Foundation. Nath has also been appointed a research scholar of La Trobe University of Australia in a language documentation project under Dr Stephen More. He has successfully completed an academic training organized by the ELDP in London recently.
Dr Stephen More is engaged in studies of the languages of North-east India which are in the verge of extinction now. He is also involved in projects to preserve these languages and cultures of the people. The folk tunes are translated into English to universalize their charms.Palash Kumar Nath has informed that the project is aimed to cover the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh and Margherita region of the State. The institution has come forward to preserve the traditional songs and tunes of the ethnic people of upper Asom. These traditions are in danger due to lack of interest among the newer generation to preserve them. The modern culture has also badly effected their existence, he added.
Dr Schoepf, a leading German musicologist, has indulged in a similar study for a year, and has taken interest in these studies. This project will be carried out jointly by Dr Stephen Morey with the from musicologist Prof Bass Terwiel, Dr Juergen Schoepf and Palash Nath. Nath is the son of Panuram Nath, a teacher, and Pratibha Saharia of Udalguri, Nabari village. Incidentally, his mother Pratibha Saharia is also a national award-winning teacher.

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