Saturday, March 22, 2008

NDFB blames Mohilary for BTC turmoil

KOKRAJHAR, March 20: The organizing secretary of NDFB M Gerema said the allegation of BTC chief Hagrama Mohilary that the NDFB has 410 camps is ludicrous, unfounded and politically motivated.
German alleged that it was Mohilary’s party which has initiated the tension among the Bodo people by killing NDFB cadres in Medaghat of Baksa district in March, 2007. He also alleged that ex-BLT members and the BPF youth wing is bent on unleashing a reign of terror in the BTC.
He further said Mohilary should realize the fact that when nepotism, corruption and anti-people governance are rampant, people will always rise up and rebel.
Blaming the NDFB as solely responsible for the present situation in BTC area, Gerema said that this is a desperate attempt to hide the failure of the Mohilary administration.He also questioned the stand of the president of ex-BLT Welfare Society Jono Mohan Moshahary on the violence being witnessed in the region.
German said the NDFB vehemently condemns the reckless statement of Sabita Lahkar who in an article in the editorial page of Agradoot stated that the NDFB is creating trouble in BTC area just because they were denied a share of power in the BTC.
He said her statement originated out of her confused imagination and showed her lack of knowledge and information of Bodo politics.

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