Friday, April 25, 2008

Mano Brahmo reviews progress of Swrmanga project

KOKRAJHAR, April 24: Bodo Territorial Council (BTC) executive member Mano Kumar Brahmo today visited the countrys’s biggest National Rural Employment Gurantee (NREGA) project at river Swrmanga in Kokrajhar district. The construction of the left and right embankment of river Swrmanga at a cost of Rs 46.22 crore is well in progress.
Brahma along with the executive engineer of Kokrajhar DRDA, reviewed the progress of the work from Patgaon to Salbari connecting Bilaspur, Batabari, Padmabil etc. The executive engineer suggested to the parties involved in the construction of embankments to start the boulder revertment well before the start of the monsoon season.
The 23.80 km long mega project work was started from February 12 last and its earth work both at the left and right bank is going on at full swing, involving thousands of job-card holders. The project component and the physical target will comprise construction of embankments by earthwork, land spur with boulder revertment, tie bund,cofter dams et al. The project is slated to be completed in 24 months.
The Swrmanga river originates from the Bhutan foothills and flowing through Kokrajhar joins the Brahmaputra near Bilasipara. The tremendous currents of the river creates great danger and hassles to the villagers during the rainy season. The overflowing river floods the embankments and destroys crops and other properties.
The bund construction is being monitored by about nine VCDCs — Sijouguri, Anthaibil,Banorgaon, Patgaon, Magurimari, Aflagaon, Simbargaon, Maoriagaon and Dhauliguri VCDC.
The BTC chief Hagrama Mahilary formally inaugurated the Rs 46.22 crore project at river Swrmanga on January 26 last. On the same day Mahilary also inaugurated the work at the Rs 1.44 crore river project at Swrmanga in the upstream of the river under NREGA project. Both the projects are being carried out with vigour.

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